Frequently Asked Questions

Buy glass bottles wholesale at Saia Wholesale Containers. Family-owned and -operated, we pride ourselves on providing high-end products without the high price tags found in retail stores. Keep reading for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about glass and why it’s becoming an increasingly popular alternative to plastic storage.


Why Is Glass Better Than Plastic?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, glass is free of the health concerns plaguing plastic. As a bonus, glass can be put in the microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher under high heat without degrading. Glass is also more environmentally friendly than plastic and can be reused over and over again, instead of thrown away.

What's the Best Way to Seal Your Canning Jars?

There are two principle methods of sealing your canning jars. With the boiling water bath option, users need a deep pot, canning jars and lids. However, this method is only safe with foods that have a high acid content, such as fruits and pickled vegetables.

If you’re canning meats, soups and unpickled veggies, it’s best to use a pressure canner. This method helps ensure the food is preserved safely so it can be eaten at a later date. Shop our selection of glass jars with lids today.

Why Is Glass Making a Comeback?

As society becomes increasingly eco-conscious, glass is making a serious comeback. Because 90 percent of the plastic we use doesn’t actually get recycled, much of it winds up in the ocean, where it can harm the water, air and wildlife. Consumers are turning to glass in an effort to preserve the natural world.
Additionally, today’s glass is stronger than it was decades ago and about 40 percent lighter. It’s a great all-purpose solution to food storage and other long-term storage.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 1 case usually containing 12 jars or bottles. Product descriptions offer suggestions for optimal quantities for shipping.

Are your jars suitable for pressure canning?

Yes, our jars are suitable for pressure canning. You must use our high heat lids for water bath > 15 minutes for pressure canning.

Do you sell to individuals?

Yes we sell individuals, companies, coops, or churches. Anyone can buy from our wholesale facility.

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