4 oz A0004-07 70-450 CT Tapered Bottom Jelly Jar 12PK



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 Notice the smooth sides of these little 4 oz jelly jars make them a favorite alternative to the Ball quilted 4oz jars. Much more Affordable and easy to label, these jars can be used in hot fill or water bath <15 minutes (with the standard plastisol or two piece lids) or water bath canning >15 minutes with Hi-Heat or two-piece canning lids. The absence of shoulders in this jar allows for easy filling and easy scooping! They also make convenient storage for leftovers and are part of the official Mason Jar Meal starter kit. Great for travel candles too. These lovely jars show off your jam or jelly beautifully.

Lids sold separately. (SEE BELOW)

size: 4 oz
lid size: 70-450
height: 2 in
outside diameter: 2.75 in
circumference: 8.25 in
label panel height: 1 in
optimal quantity for shipping: 17 cases
cases per full pallet: 592 cases

Item #: A0004-07
Manufacturer: Arkansas Glass Containers
Condition: New

Shipping information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 9 × 2.5 in


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