Quality Products, Affordable Rates

Selling Glass Jars, Bottles, Jugs and Closures Online

Quality Products, Affordable Rates

Selling Glass Jars, Bottles, Jugs and Closures Online

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To Ship or Not to Ship?

By Chelsea Jordan | June 30, 2023

A large part of the wholesale business is maintaining flexibility for the needs of our customers, but what exactly does that look like? Options, options, and more options! As you may have noticed, our options go beyond offering a variety of products; we also offer multiple order retrieval methods: shipping with UPS, local pickup, and…

Closures: A Quick and Easy Guide 

By Chelsea Jordan | May 24, 2023

Saia Wholesale Containers carries a wide variety of glass jars, bottles, and jugs. Despite their diversity, they have many things in common: they’re made in America, they’re affordable *wink*, and they all need closures.  Closures, or lids, are not always straightforward, though. How do you know what size to get? Are there different types of…

Freight Shipping Explained

By Chelsea Jordan | May 12, 2023

Let’s build a scenario:   You’ve just ordered 200 cases of the 8-ounce Smooth Sided Economy Mayo Jars. At $4.92 per case, that’s a great deal! However, that’s going to be very expensive to ship with FedEx – and let’s face it, conventional parcel shipping just won’t be practical here. This is where freight shipping comes in handy! …

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Saia Wholesale Container Corporation

Saia Wholesale Container Corporation works hard to provide our customers with commercial-grade wholesale glass jars and bulk glass bottles at affordable prices. You can buy them by the case, pallet, or truckload. 

When our wholesale prices are coupled with our determination to get our customers the most competitive freight shipping rates, you can feel confident that you are getting the best deal. For cases of 50 or more, fill out a Freight Shipping Quote Request Form today!

Affordable, Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Glass Containers

Whether you’re canning jellies and jams, packing honey, making fruit syrups, bottling your vineyard’s wine, or preparing for emergencies, the answer to packaging is strong, eco-friendly, reusable GLASS containers. Glass will keep your contents fresh, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

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Steve, I can’t express enough how pleased I am with you and your company right now. The glass just arrived and it looks great! 

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