Affordable Wholesale Glass Jars and Bottles


Wholesale Glass Jars and Bottles

Saia Wholesale Containers

Saia Wholesale Containers works hard to provide our customers with commercial grade wholesale glass jars and bulk glass bottles at affordable prices. Buy them by case, pallet or truckload. We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Shop our selection or call to speak about your specific needs. We want to earn your business with our assortment of glass jars, bottles and lids, a great customer experience and total satisfaction.

Affordable, Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Glass Containers

Whether you’re canning jellies & jams, packing honey, making fruit syrups, bottling your vineyard’s wine, or preparing for emergencies, the answer to packaging is strong, eco-friendly, reusable GLASS containers. Glass will keep your contents fresh, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

You just found the best wholesale pricing, coupled with fair competitive freight rates at Saia Wholesale Containers. We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States using only the most competitive freight companies.

We’ve been in the wholesale business since 1972, serving businesses of all sizes and private customers alike. Today customers choose us to supply affordable, durable, environmentally friendly, commercial grade glass jars and bottles.

Make us your first call! Compare our competitive prices and our best freight rates to any other wholesaler. Find out how you can benefit by choosing Saia Wholesale Containers.

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    We offer the most affordable prices for wholesale glass containers.

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    Our jars, bottles and buckets are available in all shapes and sizes.

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    We’re committed to bringing you the best quality customer service and products.

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    Family-owned and -operated, we’ve been in the wholesale industry since 1972.

  • Our Pride
    We take pride in being able to meet anyone’s needs, large or small.

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