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Wholesale Glass Products

Saia Wholesale Containers provides a wide assortment of quality glass products at prices that won’t break the bank. We’ve got exciting options in the way of jars, bottles, buckets, and more, with lids to complete any purchase. Plus, we offer finger-loop jugs perfect for keeping cider, kombucha, and home brews.

We pride ourselves on meeting the large and small needs of a wide array of clients. Affordable and easy to label, our glass jars and bottles are ideal for canning, food packaging, product packaging, general storage, and more. As a bonus, our jars work with both hot fill and water bath canning methods. Visit our product pages to see our extensive selection for yourself. Here’s just a sampling of the glass products we sell in bulk:

Various types of syrups and honey in the glass container

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Glass jar with rose petal jam

Glass Jars

We sell numerous sizes and styles of wholesale glass jars. These jars are ideal for food – namely jams, preserves, butter, and honey. Our reasonably priced jars are also a great choice for candles.

Milk in glass bottle

Glass Bottles

Quality glass bottles aren’t only useful for storing beverages. They also hold creamers, sauces, and even bath and body products. Shop our quality glass bottles and more online. Whether you’re bottling wine or homebrew, we’ve got a bottle for you.

Autumn seasonal pickled or fermented vegetables in jars. Home canning

Canning Jars

Whether your passion is jellies or tomato sauces, canning products are essential. Fortunately, we offer a wide array of canning jars. We help you package your passion with confidence to ensure the integrity of the final product. View our jar selection today to find a style that’s right for you.

Vegetable or fruit puree or baby food in jars

Glass Jar Lids

We offer glass jar lids that are suitable for both hot-fill and moderate water-bath canning applications. Choose from an array of colors, including silver, gold, red, and green.

Honey in the containers in different sizes